Limited Edition Charun by Angela Degner, Hand Painted Reborn Doll


PLEASE READ FULL DESCRIPTION AND ASK ANY QUESTIONS BEFORE BIDDING OR BUYING THANKS! I If you have less than 5 feedback you must contact me before bidding, or buying. I


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PLEASE READ FULL DESCRIPTION AND ASK ANY QUESTIONS BEFORE BIDDING OR BUYING THANKS! I If you have less than 5 feedback you must contact me before bidding, or buying. I may remove your bid or cancel purchase if contact is not made Up for adoption is Limited Edition Charun by Angela Degner, he is about 20 inches long and weighs about 5lb oz. He is a limited edition, being number 68 out of 250 kits world wide. He has full arms and legs (vinyl) and a cloth body, and painted hair in brown (new to painting hair), he has blue eyes.(he doesn’t have eyelashes I usually don’t put them on open eyed boys cause I think it makes them look to girly) He has been painted by me with many layers of genesis heat set paints and varnished to help seal his paint and hair. He does have a few fingers that have some spots of paint (almost look like pin holes that were in the vinyl that the paint soaked into) from a flaw in the vinyl (SEE PICS (i already zoomed in as best I could to see them up close) AND ZOOM IN FOR BETTER DESCRIPTION) so his priced was reduced!! Very thin layers of paint have been applied and baked in between each layer to achieve his skin tone and coloring, nails are tipped and glossed, I use glass beads (two different kinds super small 80 grit I get from Harbor Freight to fill the limbs, (almost looks like fine white sand) and large glass beads I order online to put in the body and head with the polyfil to weigh and stuff these babies.These dolls are made for adults, great collectables or display pieces. My dolls are not suitable for children, they are a work of art and need to handled with care. These dolls can take weeks to create.**He will come with the outfit he is wearing in the photos, extra out fit of my choosing, extra diaper, socks, magnetic binky, COA, and he will come wrapped in a blanket. All clothing is either new or gentle used bought from a resale store. skin coloring may differ on different devices** BECAUSE OF STRONG MAGNETS PLEASE BE CAREFUL AROUND PEOPLE WITH PACE MAKERS, DEFIBRILLATORS, ECT. AND ELECTRONICS!! SOLD AS IS, NO RETURNS ON HAND PAINTED DOLLS. ONCE ITEM SHIPS, SHIPPING TIME IS OUT OF MY HANDS. (shipping price also includes price of box, bubble wrap, time and gas).Perfect gift for any doll collector. THESE ALSO MAKE GREAT THERAPY DOLLS. SEE ALL PHOTOS AND ASK ANY QUESTIONS BEFORE BUYING. Things to consider when purchasing a hand painted reborn doll 1. price of kit plus shipping 2. body for kit plus shipping (some kits don’t come with bodies) 3. paints, and supplies, varnishes, (q tips, tooth picks, sponges, brushes, thinning medium, (these things need to be replaced) 4. glass beads 5. polyfil 6. magnets (if your doll comes with one for a binky or magnetic hair bow) 7. binky/ paci (if they come with one) 8. clothes for the doll, diapers, headbands (if girl) blankets ect. 9. mohair and needles, for rooting the eyelashes or rooted hair 10. electricity ( you have to use an oven for heat set paint) 11. hours and weeks it takes to paint and complete a doll 12. Cost of eyes and shipping if they are an open eyed kit 13. bottom line, you are not just paying for a doll, you are paying for someones time to create an unique one of a kind work of art PLEASE DO NOT ASK IF I WILL TAKE LESS FOR A DOLL, IF I WOULD, I WOULD HAVE PUT (OR BEST OFFER) ON THERE. THESE ARE ALREADY LOW PRICES AND I’M NOT MAKING THAT MUCH OFF THEM WITH ALL THE SUPPLIES AND MATERIALS, TIME AND ALL OF THE FEES I HAVE TO PAY THANKS. PAYPAL ONLY U.S. ONLY