Funshowcase Eyeball Dome Silicone Molds 6-Count

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Color Clear

Color Clear
Wash and boil before use, especially food.

Easy to use, clean and flexible, used in oven, dishwasher, refrigerator. Suffer temperature between minus 40~220 centigrade.

Food safe. Food and Non Food material use separately.

Molds in our shop can be used for various crafts and creations includes: resin casting, candle and soap making, plaster crafts, candy making, isomalt baking etc, please note cavity width within 1 centimeter is not prefect for chocolate use. Some items in our shop are only ok for liquid ( uv resin, resin epoxy, liquid clay, wex melt etc. ) . Such as bracelet molds, ring molds etc. Email us before purchase if you are not sure.

For delicate or complicated item, remove product from mold carefully, at first slightly bend mold from the edges, then easy press on the center of the mold and remove the product.

1) poured in silicone molds in layers, allowing air bubbles completely escape; 2) to expedite the process of escaping of bubbles and time of solidification of resin, the mold can be a bit warmed up, for example, heat oven to 80 centigrade, turn off, ventilate it a little and put mold, filled with resin in oven.

After baking clay / resin in complex or deep molds remove the finished product under running water with soap.

All molds are reusable.


What is advantages of silicone molds and the different between silicone and plastic molds.

1 Flexible. Silicone molds allow you to do very complex castings that can be removed much more easily as compared to plastic molds.

2 Castings may come out more shiny than a plastic mold.

3 Durable. Not easily scratch the surface as plastic mold. Silicone mold can last for years and thousands of casting if cared for properly.

4 Silicone molds should be cleaned after use and stored flat in a cool, dry area for protection reason. ( if you want to use thousands of times )

Use or mix use with types of materials to make eyeballs, such as resin epoxy, uv resin, polymer clay, liquid clay, air clay, paper clay, resin clay, fondant, pastry, isomalt, chocolate, plaster, soap etc. if you use them wisely, you may use with more types of edible and non-edible materials
Clear mold for doll eye ball, eye ball jewelry making, eyeball bow hair clips, Gothic eyeball ring, Zombie isomalt eyes, halloween eyeball cake decoration, monster eye ball cupcake topper, mini cookie, scary eyeball paperweight and more
Ways of making eyeball, the easiest way is to place a eye ball film at the bottom of the mold. You may try more sophisticated by printing after mold release. Then add clear resin to complete the look. More ways you may email before purchase
Essential resin casting kit and resin jewelry molds
Transparent so you can check the buttom when process project