A PERFECT GIFT! This is a ALL VINYL, reborn, 14 inch Berenguer La Newborn Preemie, SHE IS 14 INCHES LONG SO SHE IS A PREEMIE DOLL. She has the most


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A PERFECT GIFT! This is a ALL VINYL, reborn, 14 inch Berenguer La Newborn Preemie, SHE IS 14 INCHES LONG SO SHE IS A PREEMIE DOLL. She has the most radiant, natural skin tone… a new baby “glow”. (This is achieved by numerous layers of custom mixed Genesis heat set paints, which are permanent., DONE BY THE FACTORY SHE IS NOT PAINTED BY ME . MOST OF THESE DOLLS COME PAINTED FROM THE FACTORY WITH A VERY NATURAL SKIN TONE) HOW DID I REBORN HER;Baby’s nails have had their first manicure. This little one has been lightly weighted , with polyfil and poly pellets in her body and polyfill, for a more realist feel and has a baby fresh scent. Baby wears a “preemie” size in baby clothes. Some brands can be slightly big on her as she is tiny 14″ long.THE outfits change and they are what I have available at that time they are all super cute !I have glossed her eyes her mouth and her lips and have tipped and glossed her nails, again she is not painted by me but by the factory, that is why i say achieved b/c the factory uses heat set paints which are permanent i do not change her painting in any way. She is all vinyl not soft vinyl, not silicone but a regular vinyl doll, she has a bent back, bent elbows, and bent knees, these areas do not move her head arms and legs move up and down head side to side, these are the same dolls made by others please check prices, questions always ask if you are unsure what you are getting, This is for children over age 3, she is very lightly weighted to be about 1 lb 12 ozs approx the weight changes slightly due to how much poly pellets i put in . LAST PICTURE SHOWS ALL THE EXTRAS YOU ARE GETTING WITH YOUR DOLL! BABY GIRL HAS STICKER EARRINGS PROB WILL NOT LAST LONG I SEND SOME EXTRAS WANT PIERCED EARS JUST MESSAGE ME I SEND POSTS SILVER COLOR , GOLD ECT , I CAN PIERCE THE EARS LOOK AT MY OTHER LISTINGS FOR MY DOLLS WITH PIERCED EARS THANK YOU!! Fun extras that will ship with the baby are: (1) Pacifier (COLOR CHANGES YELLOW, GREEN, ORANGE , OR PINK OR PURPLE) YOU CAN PURCHASE THESE PACIFIERS AT WALMART THEY ARE PARENTS CHOICE THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT FIT THE DOLLS MOUTH OTHERS FALL OUT. (2) I MAKE THE BABY A CUTE BABY GREEN DUCK BOTTLE ITS 2 OZS AND FILL IT WITH FAUX NON TOXIC FORMULA, THE TIP IS SEALED WITH SILICONE AND I GLUE THE BOTTLE SHUT THIS IS ONLY PRETEND BABY IS NOT DRINK AND WET, IN FACT SHE CAN NOT GET WET SHE IS NOT MADE FOR THE WATER AT ALL!! (3) Hospital Bracelet (4) Belly Button Band (5) Disposable Diapers DESIGN CHANGES ITS PREEMIE OR MICRO PREEMIE SIZED NO CHOICE (6) Cloth Diaper VELCRO AS SHOWN(7) A CUTE DOLL BOTTLE AS SHOWN ITS NOT FILLED ITS PRETEND.(8) HEADBAND WITH A CUTE BOW THIS IS GLUED ON THIS CHANGES AS WELL , COLOR AND BOW MIGHT BE CLIPPED ON AND DIFFERENT SIZE STILL VERY CUTE!!(9) SHE HAS PINK STICKER EARRINGS THEY ARE NOT MEANT TO LAST NOT SURE THEY WILL EVEN STAY ON FOR SHIPPING , YOU CAN PURCHASE THESE AT ANY STORE. SHIPPING::SINCE MY PRICES ARE VERY FAIR I DO NOT DO ANYTHING FANCY WITH THE DOLL , I JUST PUT HER IN A PLASTIC BAG TO PROTECT HER FROM THE INK INSIDE THE PRIORITY MAIL BOX AND SHIP HER WITH HER EXTRAS IN THE BOX OR TISSUE PAPER SHE IS PROTECTED WITH AIR BAGS:)RETURNS:I DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS MANY SELLERS ACCEPT RETURNS BUT BY TIME YOU PAY RESTOCKING FEE AND SHIPPING BACK ITS A LOT OF MONEY FOR NOTHING, YOU SHOULD ASK QUESTIONS IF YOU ARE UNSURE WHAT THIS DOLL IS PLEASE I AM VERY DESCRIPTIVE IN WHAT I AM SELLING SO RETURNS ARE NOT ALLOWED AS I DO NOT RESELL USED EVEN IF IT JUST CAME TO YOUR HOUSE USED REBORN DOLLS THANK YOU !! QUESTIONS AGAIN ASK WANT MORE PICTURES ASK !!I HAVE OTHERS IN MY STORE !!!


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