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JC Toys Berenguer Boutique 15″ Soft Body Baby Doll Review

The doll has been a staple of children’s playthings for probably as long as we know. Where children would have to be content with a humble piece of rag and straw, one could barely have called human once, the dolls of today can now be made to resemble a cute little baby with striking accuracy. […]

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JC Toys La Newborn 10 Piece Deluxe Diaper Bag Gift Set Review

This isn’t JC Toys’ first foray in the world of realistic dolls – they’ve been focusing on creating soft, cuddly babies that are as lifelike as can be for three decades and counting. While they do offer stand-alone dolls that differ in size and are usually less expensive than a full-fledged set such as this, […]

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JC Toys La Baby 11-inch Washable Soft Body Play Doll Review

When choosing a doll for your little one to play with, realism should play a key role in your selection. After all, how will they develop a sense of care and attachment to their precious new toy if it feels like it doesn’t realistically represent a baby? JC Toys has been addressing this issue for […]

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