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Barbie Fairytale Dress-up Doll Review

Features of Barbie Fairy-tale Dress-up Doll Barbie Fairy-tale Gift set will inspire every girl with her colourful candy three complete character outfits. Barbie can take every girl on an exciting adventure from a princess to a mermaid and even a sparkling fairy!  Barbie is beautifully decorated with candy colors and accents. Princess Barbie doll wears […]

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Barbie Careers Baby Doctor Play-set Doll Review

Features of Barbie Careers Baby Doctor Play-set Barbie is taking on more responsibilities with her career and this time she is a Doctor. Barbie’s two baby patients need all the tender loving care and the right medicine to keep them happy.  She can play a positive role-model like a caring Mom or a Babysitter that can […]

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Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Lights Mermaid Doll Review

Features of Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Lights Mermaid Dipping Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow light mermaid into water, her tail glimmers with the most beautiful colourful lights inspired by a sparkling rainbow. She has the complete head-to-toe magical mermaid and princess look with her painted rainbow-inspired bodice, pearl beads on her necklace and around her waist and on her […]

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Barbie Skipper Babysitter and Stroller Play-set Review

Features of Barbie Skipper Babysitters Doll and Stroller Play-set Barbie Skipper doll enjoys life as a Babysitter for Skipper.  She is prepared for her outdoor walks with a blue diaper bag that holds her cell phone and a snack for the baby. Baby Skipper has a fancy new stroller with bouncing seat while it is […]

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Barbie Dreamhouse Review

Features of Barbie Dreamhouse Every girl’s favourite dream is playing in her own Dreamhouse and what better way as to move in with Barbie in her candy modern design Dreamhouse.  It is 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide, featuring 3 stories, 8 rooms, a working elevator and pool with slide. Included in this beautiful […]

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Barbie Beach Cruiser and Ken Doll Review

Features of Barbie Beach Cruiser and Ken Doll A new exciting day is ahead, and what better way when Barbie and Ken can hit the road and enjoy a beautiful day at the beach. Barbie’s new beach cruiser is so glam with its two-seater open car.  It definitely has a stylish design like black accents […]

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