Top 8 Best Baby Dolls for 2019

For a child a baby doll isn’t just a toy or a plaything. It forms so an important part of their life’s that a baby doll become their long-life friend. Every parent wants to give his or her child the very best experience one can have with baby dolls.

That is why choosing the right baby doll is so important and many times can become a time consuming job. There are so many baby dolls on the market, that in most cases it can become a tricky one.

 Lucky for you we’ve already found the very best baby and toddler dolls available. We have done research on the best baby dolls to help you choosing the best baby doll for your little one.

Whether you’re looking for realistic baby dolls, new-born baby dolls, or just the best gifts for two year old, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect baby doll for your child.

Best Overall Baby Doll

JC Toys, LA Baby 11-inch Washable Soft Body Play Doll

Isn’t it cute? This is the 11-inch realistic baby doll with perfect look, dressed up in pink dress with matching hat and bib designed with flower and soft fabric. 

This 11-inch doll can easily carry by children because of different safety test has been tested on this doll. This doll is totally secured for child to carry.

This doll looks like a human to teach child the different way of sociability, responsibility, love, care and affection towards others.  

The attire of this 11-inch soft baby doll is totally washable and changeable, your babies can change it according to their choice. 

This 11-inch LA baby is totally washable and does not have small accessories which can cause harm for your child.

This 11-inch soft baby doll is suitable for children from 12 months and up. 


This doll is suitable for kids’ up-to 12 months or up.

This doll is hand washable and safe for children to be left alone.

The attire is totally removable and washable.

You can always give new look according to your choice.

Does not have small accessories which can cause harm to your child.


Does not have small accessories which can cause harm to your child.

Additional clothing does not come along with the doll, or sold separately. 


This doll is surely one of my favorite baby dolls, because it looks to close to a real baby. It is a perfect gift for any toddler to ensure hours of entertainment. This adorable baby doll can be carried around or just when she is getting dressed up. Children can play with this doll and easily be washed when it gets dirty. It will give parents a bit of peace of mind, because of its safety test. It is really one of the best dolls to get for a toddler.

Best Infants First Baby Doll

Gund My First Doll Stuffed Brunette Doll

My first Dolly in Brunette is a delicate and pretty doll and perfect for any new-born baby or toddler. Bigger variety of Gund dolls are on the market that will satisfy any baby or child with different designed dolls and colourful dressed clothing.

Gund My First Doll Stuffed Brunette Doll is a 13- inch height doll and so easy to carry around and to get dirty after playing.

The doll featuring an embroidered pink dress with a floppy hat. The embroidered eye and nose details ensure safety for all ages.

It is made of 100% plush and no plastic parts that can harm a baby.  She is made with several types of material giving her several textures a baby would like to touch and explore.

 The decorations and accessories are sewn onto the doll to reduce any choking hazards.    The doll is designed to be a toy that gets abused and can last many machine washes over a period of time.   


Can resist many hand or machine washes.

Safe for any baby or child and has no buttons, small parts or batteries that can harm a baby.


Best for babies or toddlers to play with.  Older children might find it too simple, because it does not make any sounds to interact with.


Gund My First Stuffed Brunette Doll is definitely one of my best go-to gifts for any new-born or toddler. It is safe for a baby to sleep or play with.  This cute and soft doll can resist many playtime or feeding sessions.   It is sturdy, built for being taken everywhere and no need to worry about noise.   It can resist many playtime and feeding sessions over time and can become a long-life friend. 

Best One Year Old Doll

JC Toys La Baby 11-Inch Hispanic Washable Soft Body Play Doll

JC Toys are a trusted and well-known name over 30 years in business and this doll that they designed is one of the most popular dolls of all times. This soft body Baby doll definitely has more personality than similar dolls that I have seen before.

The realistically looking doll looks so close to a real life-like baby doll.  It can open and close the eyes and has a detailed vinyl head, arms and legs. The doll is dressed in an adorable cute pink outfit with a matching hat and pretty blanket. 

The doll is 11-inch doll and perfect for a one-year old child to hold or to walk around with. The doll can get easily dirty with playing and the best part is that it can be hand washed. The outfit can be removed while washing it. 

The soft and cuddly body encourages a child’s social skills, while engaging in pretend playtime by holding and taking care of her.  Children find it easy to engage with the doll and it also help with their self-help skills.


Popular doll and inexpensive.

Clothes and doll can easily be hand washed.

Perfect from one-year and older.

Mommy can have more peace of mind with the safety tests being done on it while her child is playing, cuddling or sleeping with this cute doll.


The doll can’t hold a pacifier, but putting her thumb to her mouth can work.

Limited colours in the doll’s outfit.


Without a doubt this adorable JC Toys La Baby 11-inc Hispanic doll is perfect for a small child from 12 months and older.  This doll is so realistically looking and gives the feeling of a real baby to nurture, to play with and to take care of. This doll with definitely put a smile on any child’s face and can be a long-life friend forever.

Best Two Year Old Doll

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Jenna Doll

The Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Jenna Doll is an embodiment of their child- and quality-focused design principles. On one hand, she is very realistic, as a baby doll should be. Her big round head and chubby little arms are incredibly lifelike, and will remind parents of what their own baby used to look like not so long ago, while that same child gets exposure to what it will feel to have a potential new sibling or younger playmate.

If it is rocked gently in one’s arms, the baby’s piercing blue eyes slowly start to close as it blissfully fall asleep. While she’s “awake,” the doll can assume many positions thanks to its soft body, and can also be made to either suck on its little thumb or on a pacifier which comes as one of Jenna’s accessories.

There’s no need to worry that the pacifier will fall out during play as it stays firmly in place if properly inserted into the baby doll’s mouth. This does take a little bit of effort on your child’s part, but once that thumb or pacifier are in, they stay in.

At 12 inches tall, the doll is just large enough for a two year old or older to comfortably take hold of, and as its body is constructed from soft and light polyester they can tirelessly carry her with them wherever they go.

Jenna comes dressed in an adorable pink onesie and has a matching hat with a pretty little bow on top. You’ll find that both of these, especially the hat, are very easy to pull off, so you might want to remove the hat from the doll’s head altogether if you notice your child putting it off and not bothering to put it on again.

It is not recommended that your machine wash this doll.  Rather, the manufacturer suggests that you use sanitizer wipes to wipe the baby’s arms and head down. You can let your child play with it out doors as getting it dirty will require you to wash the doll by hand.


Manufactured of quality materials and made to successfully resemble a real new-born.

Can suck on a pacifier or its own thumb and can close its eyes for added realism.

You can choose to personalize the clothes with any name.

Has a powdery smell some people may not like.

Clothes are easily taken off but a hassle to put back on again.

The doll isn’t machine washable.

The Verdict

We can safely claim that Melissa & Doug have released yet another product that fosters children’s imaginations in a positive way, and is made to keep on doing so until they eventually outgrow it. The attention to every aspect of the doll’s appearance and the quality of its make demonstrate how much the company cares for their little customers.

Best Three Year Old Doll

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Brianna 12- Inch Soft Body Baby Doll

Melissa & Doug is a 12-inch soft baby doll with a realistic look that can open and close her eyes to create a better connection with your child.

This beautiful doll is perfect for your child to carry around, as it is soft, washable and light-weighted. Your child will find her easy to carry. 

This 12-inch size is perfect for a child from 12 months and up to play with and to take care of. 

This Melissa & Doug contains soft and furry material which does not cause any harm to your child as well as a skin friendly material.  

Melissa & Doug “Mine to Love Brianna soft body doll” comes with a pacifier, red cheeks, ponytails, human look alike hands, arms and two-piece removable clothes. It is easy to clean and a great size for kids to cuddle, to sleep or to hug. 


Melissa & Doug is suitable for kids from 12 months and older.

The doll is easy to clean, washable and has a pleasant sweet smell. 

It has a function to open and close the eyes to give a more realistic look for children. 

It comes with clothes of fine and soft fabric that gives a more beautiful look with her wide black eyes. 


Parents would have to keep an eye on the baby as it contains small parts with it.

All other extra parts like clothes are sold separately. 


Melissa and Doug dolls are absolutely a treat for any child to have, as it comes at a very reasonable price with more elite and extra functions to follow. A child and parent would definitely love to have this in their life. It would give any child a soft, human like partner to share her life with, to cuddle with and to keep it like her companion and to share her affection. It also has the open and close eyes functions as it can create moto skills to a child, because the child will try to copy it. Your cute little one will definitely love to have this adorable “Brianna Mine to Love Doll” in her life. 

Best Four Year Old Doll

LA Newborn 8-Piece Layette Baby Doll Gift set

LA newborn nursery child is more like an infant baby to give with the look of a child who is just born in hospital. It comes with 8 pieces accessories to create exact look of an infant child.

LA newborn doll is a 14 inches of size, it comes in a pink color outfit and is perfect for any boy or girl to play with. 

It comes with the pink color soft vinyl dress with its matching cap, a mat, a nursery bracelet, an extra vinyl dress and boots.

She looks so close to a newborn and to make it even more realistic the doll has her own birth certificate to give a closer look of the infant baby. 

It is washable and clean friendly, you can easily wash it. So, it would also be suitable for the child who roughly use toys, as you can  clean it if it gets dirty. 

It has rotatable legs, arms and other parts, so it is easy to change clothes or to clean the doll. 

LA newborn nursery baby only weigh a few pounds. So it is suitable for small aged kids to carry it anywhere. 

It has the most durable material, so you can wash it according to your choice, as it is water friendly. 


This doll is 14 inches of size. So, it is easy to carry for child up to 18 months or above.

It looks like an infant child to keep your kid closer and create sympathy for other children. 

It comes in different colours like pink or blue with 9-piece gift set. 

It has rotatable legs, arms and other parts. So, it is convenient to wash it or change the clothes.  It is lightweight, so easy for child to carry around. 


It is not suitable for smaller kids younger than three years, as it contains small parts like boots, nursery band etc.

At 14-Inches large it could be a little large for the kids who are 12 months old to play and carry it. 


LA newborn nursery baby is a perfect doll to give to your child as it looks like a real infant baby and is beautifully dressed and come along with the 8 accessories.

This Newborn baby doll comes at a very reasonable price with perfect look. It is the best choice to give to a child, because of the look and feel of a real baby. The rotatable arms and legs give a feel of real infant, and you can rotate it in any position. It can give your child immediately cute sense of love, affection and responsibility. 

Best Five Year Old Doll

Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow Lights Mermaid

Dipping Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow light mermaid into water, her tail glimmers with the most beautiful colourful lights inspired by a sparkling rainbow. She has the complete head-to-toe magical mermaid and princess look with her painted rainbow-inspired bodice, pearl beads on her necklace and around her waist and on her decorated belt with gorgeous pink-streaked hair. Her colourful rainbow fins make a splash and the most beautiful underwater magic can been seen. Barbie Rainbow light mermaid contains the most beautiful light-up features. The colourful light show starts automatically once her hidden probes are activated by the water and surely it is a “wow” moment to see. Her necklace has a button that needs to be switched on and when Barbie is put in water the magic light show is starting.


Barbie Rainbow light mermaid can be played in water and on land.

She has the most beautiful colours and with the colourful lights on her tail.

Colours and decorations may vary.

Can play doll from three years and up and will ensure entertainment for hours.


The doll cannot stand or swim alone.

After ten minutes of interactivity, she will go into sleep mode with her lights.


Barbie Dreamtopia Rainbow light mermaid is surely every girl’s dream mermaid.  She takes you on an exciting fairy-tale adventure underwater and only needs the company of an underwater friend.

The light show will repeat whenever and wherever a little magic is needed in water or on land.  She sheds light and colour to any new fun and exciting adventure that you can join with her.

Best Six Year Old Doll

Paradise Galleries Reborn Realistic Baby Doll

Paradise Galleries create dolls for the very same reason to collect them, to play with, to love and to create memories with any girl all the way.  Paradise Galleries was designed by American Michele Fagan and Paradise Galleries is a trusted brand in quality, safety and collectors value of their dolls.  The adorable baby doll is handcrafted from the unique gentle touch of vinyl. She is definitely more suitable from five year and older with her weighted clothed body. She weighs about 5 pounds and is 16 – 18 inches long.  She has hand painted details with wrinkled little fingers and hand applied eyelashes. The realistic looking doll’s hair is attached to her wig and her hair can be washed gentle by a baby’s shampoo. 

 She is so adorable that she deserves to be pampered and cuddled by a caring mommy.   Her premium ¾ vinyl limbs allow you to sit her in many poses and her rotary arms and legs are flexible.  Included in this 10-piece set, is a jersey knit pastel pink floral print onesie, a jacket, a hat, bib, blanket, a doll bottle, a doll pacifier, booties and soft giraffe plush friend for her not to feel alone at times. The doll is coming with a certificate of Authentic and is displayed in a beautiful collectors Gift box.


This realistic looking doll can be a doll to play with or be part of a collector’s item.

New-born clothes or 0 – 3 months will fit her.

She comes with a pacifier that is flat and magnetic and fits perfectly in her mouth.

The doll comply with U.S, E.U and other safety regulations.


This realistic looking Reborn doll doesn’t making any sounds or open and close its eyes.

The doll cannot be bathed, because of her stuffed clothed body.  Her hands and legs can be wiped with a hand sanitize and wet cloth. 


This Paradise Galleries Reborn Baby Doll looks realistically so close to a real baby that it can easily be mistaken for being a real baby.  She is so cute and adorable that she can become a long-life friend for any girl to treasure her and to create beautiful memories with her for many years to come.  This Reborn Baby Doll still is one of the best-selling Reborn Dolls of all times and very popular.



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