Best First Baby Doll Reviews for 2020

Your baby is still so small and cute, but at the same time curious of what is happening around him or her.  At this age your child still enjoys simple games like playing pick-a-poo with mommy, playing hide and seek games in the laundry basket or waving goodbye to everyone.  Your child likes throwing toys or objects around on the floor and like to shake things.  Slowly but surely they are growing faster and getting stronger every day in what they are doing. 

  They like to keep themselves busy for longer periods by putting items in and out of containers, unpacking the Tupperware drawers or making a lot of noise by playing drums with the kitchen instruments. The first baby doll is very important as they like to cuddle and comfort it. Many times the first baby doll will always be the favorite and super special doll of all times to play with. The following best baby dolls can guide you for choosing the perfect first baby doll!

Best First Baby Dolls Reviews for 2020

Gund My First Brunette Doll

My first Dolly in Brunette is a delicate and pretty doll and perfect for any new-born baby or toddler. Bigger variety of Gund dolls are on the market that will satisfy any baby or child with different designed dolls and colourful dressed clothing.

Gund My First Doll Stuffed Brunette Doll is a 13- inch height doll and so easy to carry around and to get dirty after playing.

The doll featuring an embroidered pink dress with a floppy hat. The embroidered eye and nose details ensure safety for all ages.

 It is made of 100% plush and no plastic parts that can harm a baby.  She is made with several types of material giving her several textures a baby would like to touch and explore.

  The decorations and accessories are sewn onto the doll to reduce any choking hazards.     


Can resist many hand or machine washes.

Safe for any baby or child and has no buttons, small parts or batteries that can harm a baby.

Long-lasting item.


Appropriate for new-born baby or toddler. Not interactive enough for an older kid.

Legs can’t bend to sit down.

The Verdict

Gund My First Stuffed Brunette Doll is definitely one of my “best go-to” gifts for any new-born or toddler. It is safe for a baby to sleep or play with.  This cute and soft doll can resist many playtime or feeding sessions.   It is sturdy, built for being taken everywhere and no need to worry about noise.   It can resist many playtime and feeding sessions over time and can become a long-life friend. 

Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Buddy Baby Doll

All Baby Starters Dolls are made from high-quality plush material and can outstand many hugs, cuddling and play sessions.  The doll is made from super soft fabric satin lining with embroidered eyes and nose details. The skirt is made out of softest fabric and lined with satin. The entire doll can be put into a washing machine as it is all plush.  My recommendation would be to first read the instructions before doing so. It is 10 inches long and will be comfortable to carry around with it.  

It is safe for your baby to take a nap with it, without feeling uncomfortable. Baby Starters are so soft to snuggle with and is ideally for new-borns, infants and toddlers without compromising on design.  The soft body is perfect for snuggling, help soothe and engage the baby well into toddlerhood.

 Luckily there are a collection of dolls to choose from if you find that your baby loves it. The Baby Starters Plush Snuggle Baby Doll makes a perfect gift for a baby shower a new mom to be or a special birthday gift.  It is long-lasting, good to travel with anywhere you want to go.  It fits in a small stroller or car seat.  


Appopriate for any age.

Made with the highest safety standards for a baby.

Can be machine washed.

No batteries needed.

Long lasting item.


Rattle in head makes sound. 

The Verdict

Baby Starters Plush Baby Dolls is one of my favorite dolls of all times. She looks so cute and adorable with her gorgeous outfit. The doll is made out of the highest safety standards, so mom can also relax while the Plush Baby Doll is taking a nap with the baby. It is easy to travel with wherever you go, it is long lasting and no need to worry for getting dirty along the way.

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Peach Soft Nurturing First Baby Doll

Baby Stella is a 15 inches doll and is perfect for the first nurturing baby doll. She is ultra-soft with cute embroidered toes and belly buttons. She is dressed in a soft two piece outfit that is easy to take off or getting dressed again.  It includes a removable cloth diaper and pacifier that attaches magnetically.

Baby Stella has a soft tuff of fleece body and hair with embroidered facial features.  It inspires creative role-play for a baby up to 12 months.

There are five different styles available of Baby Stella with unique skin tones and hair styles and color variations.

Baby Stella is part of the multiple Award Winning Baby Collections of soft nurturing dolls and accessories.  The doll inspires cuddling and hugs for young children.

Perfect gift for a grandparent to a grandchild.

Baby Stella is a unisex doll.


Safe for your baby with the highest safety standards.

Perfect and easy to machine washed.

Magnetic pacifier holds the pacifier in doll’s mouth.


Doll does not have flexible legs to sit down.

The Verdict

Manhattan Baby Stella doll is soft and small for any infant or toddler to sleep, crawl or play with. It is a long-lasting item and is made with the highest safety standards. It is a unisex doll and if your baby loves one, there are a bigger range to choose from. Perfect to help for dummy times and great to soothe and entertain any baby.

JC La Baby 11-Inch Soft Baby Doll

La Baby is a realistically looking soft body baby doll with detailed vinyl head, arms and legs.  She is dressed in a cute Pink outfit and matching hat.  The size of the doll is 11–Inch and perfect for small children to hold or carry around.  This cute and soft baby doll will encourages holding, nurturing and special care so a child can develop social skills while engaging in pretend playtime fun.

Perfect to hand washed and her outfit is easy to remove.  JC Toys is one of the doll manufacturers with over 30 years experience in real-life baby dolls and for sure a trusted brand.


The doll is suitable for kids up to 18 months and up.

The doll can be hand-washed and is safe to left with children alone.

Available in multiple ethnicity.

Does have a powdery smell that reminds you of a real baby.


Mouth can’t hold the pacifier.  Can hold her thumb to her mouth to pretend.


This cute La Baby doll will win over anyone’s heart. It is comfortable to hold or to carry around.  It has a scented smell and is so realistically looking that you can easily mistake it for a baby. It makes you realize how perfect it was design.  It is loved among many, and definitely one of the top rated dolls of all times.

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Jenna Doll

Melissa & Dough Mine to Love Jenna doll looks so realistically looking like a real baby that anyone can easily mistaken her with a real baby. Her big round head and chubby little arms are incredibly lifelike, and will remind parents of what their own baby used to look like not so long ago.

There’s no need to worry that the pacifier will fall out during play times, as it stays firmly in place if properly inserted into the baby doll’s mouth. While she’s awake she can either suck on its little thumb or on a pacifier which comes as one of Jenna’s accessories.

At 12 inches tall, the doll is just large enough for any two year old or older, but it can be played by smaller children from the age of one as well. Its body is constructed of soft and light polyester that any toddler can carry her wherever they go. Jenna comes dressed in an adorable pink onesie and has a matching hat with a pretty little bow on top.

It is not recommended that your machine wash this doll.  The manufacturer suggests that you use sanitizer wipes to wipe the baby’s arms and head down. You can let your child play with it out doors as getting it dirty will require you to wash the doll by hand.


Manufactured of quality materials and made to successfully resemble a real new-born.

Can suck on a pacifier or its own thumb and can close its eyes for added realism.

You can choose to personalize the clothes with any name.


Clothes are easily taken off but a hassle to put back on again.

The doll isn’t machine washable.


Melissa & Dough Mine to Love Jenna doll is such a popular doll and can be played from the age of one year or older. It is an interactive doll and will make playtime even more fun. She is beautifully dressed like a real baby and so realistically looking. Enjoyable playtime memories will be treasured by your little one with her Jenna friend. Definitely worth spending money on and a keeper for life!

11-Inch Soft Body Doll in Gift Box

Isn’t it cute? This is the 11-inch realistic baby doll with perfect look, dressed up in pink with matching hat and bib designed with soft fabric. 

This 11-inch doll can easily carry by children because of different safety test has been tested on this doll. This doll is totally secured for child to carry.

This doll looks so real to a baby that it can easily be mistaken. It can teach a child the love, care and affection towards others.  

The attire of this 11-inch soft baby doll is totally washable and changeable, your babies can change it according to their choice. 

This 11-inch baby is totally washable and does not have small accessories which can cause harm for your child.


This 11-inch soft body doll is suitable for kids’ up-to 12 months or up.

This doll is hand washable and safe for children to be left alone.

The attire is totally removable and washable.

You can always give a new look according to your choice.


Additional clothing does not come along with the doll, or sold separately. 


This doll is surely one of my favorite baby dolls, because it looks to close to a real baby. It is a perfect gift for any toddler to ensure hours of entertainment. This adorable baby doll can be carried around or just when she is getting dressed up. Children can play with this doll and easily be washed when it gets dirty. It will give parents a bit of peace of mind, because of its safety test.


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