Best Baby Dolls For Toddlers for 2019

As a child we all have shown affection and love for baby dolls, whether we are boys or girls. Baby dolls used to be the best part of our life when we talk about our childhood, every culture has its own ways, but one thing is common and that is, playing with “Baby Dolls”.

Early years of a baby’s life is a magical time and fantasy, and a baby loves to have companion during this early ages. It is important for a baby to have a strong bonding connection with a doll or toy at this time in life. As the bonding develops in the right direction then it could be the best bonding that baby can ever has in his life. 

Baby dolls are the best toys when parents want to teach their children of caring, affection, sympathy, love and responsibility towards anyone. It’s a natural phenomena that every child attracts him or herself towards the baby dolls at certain ages and create bonding with them. If that bonding comes out in a strong way then it’s the best way to teach your child responsibility and caring at such a small age.

Babies see their mothers from earlier times how she pampers them, taking care of them, love them and they also wish to be like their mother when they grow up one day. When baby dolls become their companion, then toddlers normally show their own way of affections towards their dolls and treat them like their own baby and friend. They love to talk to them, do their daily chores and all stuff related to them. 

So, to choose a perfect doll shouldn’t be a main issue for parents, because your chosen doll should provide you with all the basic requirements for your child. As we all know that parents do not have enough time for searching for all the dolls on the market and because the world has converted into Global village through web nowadays. Luckily you do not need to do all of this, because we are doing it for you in efficient way according to your requirements. We are telling you the best dolls for your child’age with basic and prominent features of the baby dolls.

Here is a list of some of the best baby dolls for your toddlers so that you do not have any inconvenience while choosing the perfect best toy for your child.

Melissa & Doug Mine to Love Brianna 12- Inch Soft Body Baby Doll

Melissa & Doug is a 12-inch soft baby doll with a realistic look that can open and close her eyes to create a better connection with your child.

This beautiful doll is perfect for your child to carry around, as it is soft, washable and light-weighted. Your child will find her easy to carry. 

This 12-inch size is perfect for a child from 12 months and up to play with and to take care of. 

This Melissa & Doug contains soft and furry material which does not cause any harm to your child as well as a skin friendly material.  

Melissa & Doug “Mine to Love Brianna soft body doll” comes with a pacifier, red cheeks, ponytails, human look alike hands, arms and two-piece removable clothes. It is easy to clean and a great size for kids to cuddle, to sleep or to hug.


Melissa & Doug is suitable for kids from 12 months and older.

The doll is easy to clean, washable and has a pleasant sweet smell. 

It has a function to open and close the eyes to give a more realistic look for children. 

It comes with clothes of fine and soft fabric that gives a more beautiful look with her wide black eyes. 


Parents would have to keep an eye on the baby as it contains small parts with it.

All other extra parts like clothes are sold separately. 


Melissa and Doug dolls are absolutely a treat for any child to have, as it comes at a very reasonable price with more elite and extra functions to follow. A child and parent would definitely love to have this in their life. It would give any child a soft, human like partner to share her life with, to cuddle with and to keep it like her companion and to share her affection. It also has the open and close eyes functions as it can create moto skills to a child, because the child will try to copy it. Your cute little one will definitely love to have this adorable “Brianna Mine to Love Doll ” in her life. 

LA Newborn 8-Piece Layette Baby Doll Gift set

LA newborn nursery child is more like an infant baby to give with the look of a child who is just born in hospital. It comes with 8 pieces accessories to create exact look of an infant child. 

LA newborn doll is a 14 inches of size, it comes in a pink color outfit and is perfect for any boy or girl to play with. 

It comes with the pink color soft vinyl dress with it’s matching cap, a mat, a nursery bracelet, an extra vinyl dress and boots.

She looks so close to a newborn and to make it even more realistic the doll has her own birth certificate to give a closer look of the infant baby. 

It is washable and clean friendly, you can easily wash it. So, it would also be suitable for the child who roughly use toys, as you can easily clean it if it gets dirty. 

It has rotatable legs, arms and other parts, so it is easy to change clothes or to clean the doll. 

LA newborn nursery baby only weigh a few pounds. So it is easy for small aged kids to carry it anywhere. 

It has the most durable material, so you can wash it according to your choice, as it is water friendly. 


This doll is 14 inches of size. So, it is easy to carry for child up-to 18 months or above.

It looks like an infant child to keep your kid closer and create sympathy for other children. 

It comes in different colors like pink or blue with 9-piece gift set. 

It has rotatable legs, arms and other parts. So, it is convenient to wash it or change the clothes.  It is lightweight, so easy for child to carry around. 


It is not suitable for small kids, as it contains small parts like boots, nursery band etc. 

At 14-Inches large it could be a little large for the kids who are 12 months old to play and carry it.

Expert Tip

LA newborn nursery baby is a perfect doll to give to your child as it looks like a real infant baby and is beautifully dressed and come along with the 8 accessories.

This Newborn baby doll comes at a very reasonable price with perfect look. It is the best choice to give to a child, because of the look and feel of a real baby. The rotatable arms and legs give a feel of real infant, and you can rotate it in any position. It can give your child immediately cute sense of love, affection and responsibility. 

Berenguer Boutique 15 Inch Soft Body Baby Doll

People who choose blue over pink or any other color, Berenguer is the perfect choice, as it is perfectly designed for kids aged 2 years or above. 

This doll comes with the exact number of accessories to keep a child happy, as it comes with the beautiful outfit (one extra outfit) shoes to wear, utensils to eat, toys to play and a matching cap with outfit. What else you can ask in a baby doll. 

It is 15-inches of size, which is perfect for a child to carry, to play, to cuddle, to snuggle and to keep the child entertained. 

A perfect human look-alike doll which can open and close his eyes to entertain the child. 

This doll is a perfect gift with 10 pieces, open and close eyes function, washable material, soft fabric clothes and soft body doll material to keep your child happy. 


This is 15 inches doll, a perfect size for children to play around and to cuddle with.

It gives the cutest and realistic look of an infant baby with open and closed eyes function. 

15 is the best size for kids’ up-to 18 months or above to play, cuddle and to carry around. 

It comes with the perfect gift box, so it is a perfect present for any child. 

This SAFETY TEST has been approved by this doll. 


The doll material itself is not washable.

The doll is unscented.  

Expert Tip

This doll is really a treat for any child to play with it. Undoubtedly this one is one of the best gifts anyone can pick for his/her child. It can entertain any child for hours, because it has 10 pieces of fun with it. So, to keep your child busy in excellent way this is the best choice one can have. 

JC Toys, LA Baby 11-inch Washable Soft Body Play Doll

Isn’t it cute? This is the 11-inch realistic baby doll with perfect look, dressed up in pink dress with matching hat and bib designed with flower and soft fabric. 

This 11-inch doll can easily carry by children because of different safety test has been tested on this doll. This doll is totally secured for child to carry.

This doll looks like a human to teach child the different way of sociability, responsibility, love, care, affection towards others.  

The attire of this 11-inch soft baby doll is totally washable and changeable, your babies can change it according to their choice. 

This 11-inch LA baby is totally washable and does not have small accessories which can cause harm for your child. SAFETY TESTED. This 11-inch soft baby doll is suitable for children from 12 months and up. 


This doll is suitable for kids up-to 12 months or up.

This doll is hand washable, SAFETY TESTED.

The attire is totally removable and washable.

You can always give new look according to your choice.

Does not have small accessories which can cause harm to your child.


Does not have small accessories which can cause harm to your child.

Additional clothing does not come along with the doll, or sold separately. 


This doll is surely one of my favorite baby dolls, because it looks to close to a real baby. It is a perfect gift for any toddler to ensure hours of entertainment. This adorable baby doll can be carried around or just when she is getting dressed up. Toddlers can play with this doll and easily be washed when it gets dirty.It will give parents a bit of peace of mind, because of it’s safety test. It is really one of the best dolls to get for a toddler.


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