Best Baby Doll For an One-Year Old

Soon your child will be turning “One year” and yet you cannot believe that the year was passing by so quickly and both of you have reached another milestone together.  Your baby is still so small and cute, but at the same time curious of what is happening around him or her.   At this age your child still enjoys simple games like playing pick-a-poo with mommy, playing hide and seek games in the laundry basket or waving goodbye to everyone.  Your child likes throwing toys or objects around on the floor, like to shake things.  Slowly but surely they are growing faster and getting stronger every day in what they are doing.   They like to keep themselves busy for longer periods by putting items in and out of containers, unpacking Tupperware drawers or making a lot of noise with playing drums with the kitchen instruments.

Why Babies Need Dolls

The first Baby Doll for your child is something that he or she will always remember for many more years to come.  I can see it over and over again with my own daughter.  She likes going back and play with “Joye” that was her very first doll. The doll was also experiencing some tough times in the past few years.  She had many make-overs before, gone for special hair treatment days with gel or whatever would work for the hair or was helping making mud cookies for them and mommy.  Still this doll out of all her other dolls are her most favourite one.   You can say that it became her lifelong friend, because after all these years we cannot go away for a weekend if “Joye” is not driving along, sleeping, shopping or eating with us.

Playing with dolls are starting from 12 to 18 months. Baby dolls are very good choices for small children.  It’s learning them to start taking care of something and it may offer them a bit of security, especially at bedtimes.  Baby dolls are also known for bringing out more confidence in a child and are improving their social skills.

During these times children start to use objects as symbols that imitate their behaviours.  As role playing becomes more comfortable, children learn to play more than one role at a time that they can benefit from a young age.

They start getting very curious what is happening around them and are interested in coloured items close to them. They also see how mommy is holding, talking or putting the doll to sleep and are doing the same.  In this way they are learning how to handle their nurturing instincts.  

 Babies can get easily bored with what they are playing with. Luckily there are a big variety of baby dolls to choose from like dolls that are laughing, talking, crawling, eating or crying.  Some dolls can even hold their bottle on their own while drinking and others can wet their diapers.

How to Pick the Best Baby Doll for Your One-Year Old

For a one-year old the baby doll that you are about to pick needs to be soft and simple, and one that will withstand wear and tear moments from your child.  It needs to be a doll that is easy to clean and that cannot harm your child or cause a choking hazard. The look and feel of a baby doll is very important.  Soft baby dolls are more comforting and easy to carry around.  Many babies are scared for the look of some baby dolls and we do recommend those dolls for a much older age. 

Baby dolls wearing soft pastel colours have a calming effect on any baby that will improve their sleeping naps. The first Baby doll for your little one is always a big question.   Babies’ temperaments can be unpredictable and they can react when seeing a new toy for the first time.

 It is always better to first test your little one’s mood to see what he or she can handle at the moment and therefore you can made up your mind. 

For a one-year old, you want something that is safe, that can entertain one with fun moments without driving everybody mad in the room with the noise of the doll or toy.  

These days baby dolls come with a lot of different features and functions. There are so many kinds of baby dolls, like battery operated ones and some without moveable body parts. There are also 100% soft baby dolls and toys and you will find that some have plastic arms or heads in between and the list can continue.

 It is really a matter of choose what is the right baby doll for your baby.  You don’t want an unhappy child, so test first what your baby likes and interested him or her, before buying a toy that your chid doesn’t enjoy playing with. 

 The baby doll that you are deciding on needs to last for a long time and most importantly be safe enough to keep around your little angle.

What Toys Are Suitable for a One-Year Old

A one-year old they love to get their hands on everything.  The best is to stock the playroom with fine and gross motor development, coordination and social skills like sharing.  They love things that can be stacked, pushed or pulled and therefore building blocks or a baby in a pram is of the favourite ones.

Creative thinking and pretend playing will become a big part of playtime going forward, so be prepared for joining many tea parties with dolls or teddies.  At this age everything has the opportunity to delight the senses, inspire the imagination and teach him or her a valuable behavioural lessons.

So it is very important to determine what your baby can handle and not handle.  Before buying a baby doll it is advisable to always check the safety and feature requirements and important to determine what kind of doll is suitable for your little baby at the time.  Always check the packaging to see if it is safe for a one-year old baby. 

 One year-olds can differ from one to another.  Some children can be more matured than others and they normally behave very well with baby dolls and toys.  While others don’t yet understand or are not interested in what dolls are.  If that is the case, it might be too soon to buy him or her a baby doll. 

Baby Safety Tips

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on buying the first baby doll for your one-year old.  You as parent knows exactly how your baby reacts and behaves with new things.  Your baby won’t be able to know what is safe for him.  You can determine it by asking yourself if it will be risky to leave the toy alone with your child.  Again double check the packaging to make sure there are not removable parts that might be a choking hazard.  With a child you can’t take any chances, so the following safety tips can help you to take better care as a parent.

Safety Tips

Don’t give your baby any toys with removable parts like eyes, nose or small accessories, because it can cause a choking hazard.

After purchasing a new doll or toy it is wise to discard any plastic wrappings from new toys immediately as it can cause a suffocation risk for your baby.

Keep a close recommendation to the age and choose a toy that is suitable for your child’s age as what interest him or her at the same time.  Be aware of the safety labels such as “Flame resistant” or “Washable Hygienic Materials” on dolls and stuffed toys.

Inspect all toys for sharp points and edges that are made from materials like glass or metal.  It includes stuffed toys with wires that could stab, cut or shocked if exposed.  After a few months it is wise to conduct a toy maintenance check for safety check-ups.

Don’t have toys with strings, cords or ribbon in or near their cribs.  Children can become entangled which can cause an injury.

Discard any toys that are broken to prevent any accidents. 

One-year olds are very curious and may investigate toys that are not appropriate for them.  Teach your older children to keep their toys with removable parts away from them.

Children this age learn through sight, touch, sound and taste to explore things. The best choosing toys or dolls for a one-year old must be light-weight, colourful one and one having various textures and that are made of non-toxic materials.

Teach children from a young age to keep packed toys away after playing to prevent any accidents.

Supervision is of vital importance.  Provide a safe hazard-free play environment indoors and outdoors to play.


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