Barbie Beach Cruiser and Ken Doll Review

Features of Barbie Beach Cruiser and Ken Doll

A new exciting day is ahead, and what better way when Barbie and Ken can

hit the road and enjoy a beautiful day at the beach. Barbie’s new beach cruiser is so glam with its two-seater open car.  It definitely has a stylish design like black accents and its white seats with strapping seatbelts makes it a top of the range cruiser.   Barbie’s Pink Beach Cruiser suits perfectly her signature pink style. What’s even better, is the beach cruiser fits perfectly in her beautiful Dreamhouse.  Barbie is dressed in a trendy sundress with colourful print and straps accent and lovely pink shoes.

Ken decided to wear his beach trunk with his graphic striped print, blue ombre-shaded tank and blue flip-flops.

This stunning set includes both dolls with an open up vehicle.  It will drive you through enjoyable adventurous road trips that only Barbie can do.  It’s a fabulous set to give to a young girl and it guarantees spending enjoyable moments with Barbie and Ken.


Dolls fits perfectly in beach cruiser.

Small space behind the front seats. Room for extra accessories.

Perfect from 36 months up to 10 years.

Beach Cruiser with two dolls are great value for money.


Dolls can’t stand alone.

The Verdict

Barbie and Ken are ready for fun and cruising along the road near the beach with their new beach cruiser Jeep. Girls will love the adventure and true-to-life stories sharing with Barbie and Ken.

Perfect set to add to your Barbie and Ken collection.


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