How to Choose the Best Reborn Doll

 Reborn Baby dolls are also known as Realistic dolls and are the most adorable and popular trending dolls currently on the market. It is the closest version that you can find to a real baby.  In many cases Reborn dolls have been occasionally mistaken for a real baby, because of its realistic appearances.

Reborn Baby dolls can be the perfect gift for a child that wants a baby doll like her real baby boy or sister, or for a mom who lost a recent baby or a child that has grown up.  In many cases moms can have an emotional bond towards these dolls like the relaxing or holding feeling that can play an important role in their life’s.

Choosing the right Reborn or Realistic Baby doll may seem like a quick decision, but in most cases, it can become overwhelming, because of the vast variety of brands, different choices of dolls or models that is nowadays on the market. The following can guide you in deciding on the perfect Reborn doll.


Some dolls can breathe, coo and can perform life-like actions and they become closer to a normal baby boy or girl. There are so many types of reborn baby dolls available that you need to decide about the baby doll’s posture.  Many of these dolls can sit and lay down easily without any support, while many of them don’t have this feature.

There are certain Reborn dolls that can mimic your own skin tone, coloration, eye color and type of hair that you prefer. You can decide exactly what facial expression the doll needs to have for instance a happy doll, a sleepy doll, or a crying doll etc.


The type of material used for the Reborn Doll also plays an important role in realism of the doll.  Many companies use a soft kind of vinyl called “Gentle Touch or Real Touch”.  The texture has a velvety effect very close to a real baby as well as it’s durable and easy to clean.

The bodies of these dolls are often soft cloth, but it weighs like a real baby.   For a child make sure of the baby doll’s weight, because over two pounds might be too heavy for a child to carry around.


There are a few options when it comes to the doll’s hair. Some of these dolls have their hair embedded in the head using wigs, plugs or micro hair. Depending on the hair, it’s a time-consuming job because of the individual hair strands per plug.

For younger children lifelike hair can be tricky to style, because it can get tangled, while it will be a perfect choice for and mom or doll collector.


The size of the doll can also play a very important role when deciding on a doll, because these dolls start from a preemie, smaller to regular doll. These dolls sizes start from 11 inches up to 22 inches.  If you consider buying it for your toddler, it will be wisely to rather take the smaller doll, because he or she will find it easier to carry, while the bigger size will be more suitable for an adult.

Waterproof Dolls

It is important to make sure what kind of purpose the doll is needed for.

Some of the dolls are waterproof and for kids it will be a more suitable doll for your toddler, because they can play with it in a bath. Other dolls may be not waterproof or washable.

Choice of clothing

Unlike real babies these precious dolls also look pretty when they are dressed up in beautiful outfits.  Keep in mind that the size of the doll might have an influence on the size of clothing that the doll needs to wear.  In most cases these dolls clothing is included, while for others the clothes need to buy separately.

Some of the baby dolls come out with their own clothing, but then there are those where you will need to buy it separately and can become a bit pricey.


How real the baby doll look, their special features that they can perform, their building quality or brand differences all are playing a big role when it comes to the price. These dolls can be expensive, but there are companies that are making affordable Reborn “style” dolls and that is not that pricey. The affordable Reborn dolls start from $100 up to $2000.


These dolls play a super important role in any child’s world, depending on the dolls that you choose, some dolls can help with vocabulary development of your child.  It can help a toddler to learn and speak right away.

Some dolls can interact with the child and in this way help with the physical and non-physical development of the child.  It also helps with the development and enhancement of their motor-skills.


Realistic dolls are the closest to find to a real baby.  It has plenty of detail like the type facial expression, colour of hair, skin tone, the type hair as well as the position of the baby doll.

Some Reborn dolls can make specific sounds, can coo or perform life-like activities.

At some retailers you can also buy certain Reborn kits.

It can be played by a toddler and be treasured safely by an adult as well.

Kids want to be good caretakers for their dolls and learn to take on more responsibilities. Children enjoy every moment of playing.


The size of the doll plays an important role when consider buying for a child.  It can be too heavy.

Vinyl bodies aren’t very soft.

The doll’s positioning can make it difficult to change clothing.

Some dolls don’t fit into standard baby clothing.

The Verdict

Make sure in advance if the doll is for a toddler or an adult, because of the attention to detail that you get as well as the price that you pay for the doll.  These beautiful dolls are so popular that when you find yourself one you like, you just not want to own only one doll.  Like Gayle Wray quotes “A doll is a huggable, lovingly made reflection of our inner and outer spirit”.


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