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Congratulations for receiving the good news of becoming a Mom soon!  For most of us the news can be overwhelming, but the good news is that you don’t need to figure it out right away. Being a Mom is truly one of the most special and blessed things that can happen to a woman who is longing and waiting for a new baby and it plays such an important role in our life’s.

 The good news are that you and your baby will start bonding together and spending a lot of time together that soon you will realize what is working for both of you.  Don’t be worried for what you not knowing right know, everything will work out the best way. Most importantly is that both of you need to be happy and that can be one of the reasons for being a good mom.  There will be days to come that you may feel that you might doubt yourself and ask if you ready for the next adventure in your life. Your mind can play games with you, but don’t stress about it too much. Believe me, you will never be ready.   It is going to be wonderful new and exciting journey for you and your little one and it is really worth it over and over again.

 I know during my pregnancy that I was also panicking about the silliest things that is so unnecessary and was doubting myself, therefore I decided to put a few tips together that can help you as mom with your new-born.     

Find a Good Pediatrician

Make sure that you do your homework correctly for finding a good Paediatrician.  You want to be in good hands.  You want to feel that that you can trust the person and that the person will guide you through the whole trimester.  Your Paediatrician needs to support you towards your parenting goals and one that you feel comfortable with for asking your questions about your pregnancy.

Every Pregnancy is Different

It is good to read a few books or get advice from a friend, mom or mom-in-law, but every baby is different from another.  The important factor is that you have to figure out what really works for you and your baby. So take the advice that if offered, but see what is working for you and your baby.

Bonding with Your Baby

It reminds me back when my daughter was born.  From the moment I saw her, I fell in love with her at first sight.  The first week with minimum sleep, makes you very tired and emotional. You may be feel like you battling with a few things like breastfeeding or putting your little one to sleep, or not knowing what is wrong when he or she is upset and crying all the time.  So bonding with your new-born may take a bit longer, because it can take time to get to know one another.  Soon you will figure out what works for both of you the best.

Things Don’t Always Go According to Plan

You were planning to breastfeed till the end. Sometimes it doesn’t work out as hoping for. Most importantly is to have patience for both of you and stay confident every day.  So the wrong moves can be replaced by new better moves.  Don’t lose faith in yourself or doubting yourself in times like these.

Milestone of Your Baby

Don’t freak out about the milestones that your baby needs to achieve.  Anticipate your baby, enjoy him or her, documented it all the way.   Don’t be worried if your baby took a month or two extra to achieve something new.  Don’t get obsessed over milestones.  Don’t stress about developmental milestones that are outlined in books. Every baby is different from one another, in learning and developing in their own way.  At the right time and right moment your baby will surprise you with a memorable moment.

Making Friends with Other Moms

Other moms were going through the same emotions and struggles that you might experiencing right now.  You’re not alone. It is good to make friends with moms who were going through it before and to get advice from them.  You will see your emotions and thoughts are quite normal if you hear other moms’ stories to tell. 

Always Trust Your Instincts

Read as many books of babies before the time and throw them away.  Trust your instincts.  If something feels wrong, then don’t do it. 

You can get advice from your mom or friend, but the best is find out what works for you and your baby and both of you will be much happier.

Let Go of The Mommy Guilt

 Don’t feel guilty if you feel overwhelmed or when you need a break. 

You need some time to pull yourself together and best way is to get enough rest for a night or two and to do shopping while your baby is looked after by a good friend or mom. It doesn’t mean that you’re a bad mom.  Many times we are trying to be a “Wonder Woman”, but if a friend is offering her help to babysit your baby.  Make use of this request and you will feel confident and in control of yourself again. 

Expect the Unexpected

It is always better to expect the unexpected.  Known that things won’t always go as planned.  It doesn’t mean that you as mom is doing something wrong.  Everything will work out the right way and on the right time.

Relax and Find a Flexible Routine

Try and get you two in a more flexible routine.  Prepare yourself to relax a bit more if doing so and you will find that you will be a much happier person.

Getting Tired The First Few Weeks

With a new-born you will become more tired especially for the first 8 weeks, because of all the interrupted sleeps at night.  Don’t drive far distances.  If you need to drive far, rather ask a friend to drive along. It won’t be as stressful as driving alone and you will enjoy the good company of your friend.  She can help you with your baby when needed. You are way more tired that you realized.

Make Time for Your Family

A new-born is a handful, but it is very important to make time for you and your family by spending some quality time together even if it’s only a small time after your little one’s sleeping nap. Don’t neglect the other family members that you all become strangers to one another.

Don’t Overthink Things

All that your baby need is love.  Many of us make the mistakes of overthinking everything and always questioning yourself or are you making the right decisions.  Whether you are still breastfeeding, putting your little one on solids, still changing nappies or still using a pacifier or not.  Get advice and do research when need.  You will see that your baby will be ok and happy all the way.

Become More Positive

I know getting up 5 or more times in 3 hours are very exhausting and many times you may feel that you wish it can pass soon. Start changing your mind set to become more positive.  Your little one is growing up so fast, that you might regret it later and will miss those sleepless nights.

Life is a blessing. Treasure and enjoy every new milestone and every special moment how big or small it might be. Take as many pictures and videos of your baby.  A few years from now, you can’t believe how fast time has passed. Enjoy each stage that your baby or toddler are in and savor it forever. Good laughs and memories are the only things that we can treasure in our heart forever.


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