JC Toys Berenguer Boutique 15″ Soft Body Baby Doll Review

The doll has been a staple of children’s playthings for probably as long as we know. Where children would have to be content with a humble piece of rag and straw, one could barely have called human once, the dolls of today can now be made to resemble a cute little baby with striking accuracy.

Not every toy manufacturer values this as much as JC Toys does. As they’ve been around the block a few times and know a thing or two about making beautiful and lifelike dolls, they’ve decided to add a new collection to their already large selection.

The Berenguer Boutique 15″ Soft Body Baby Doll offers only the  finest in engrossing dolls along with worthwhile accessories, and a doll from it is well worth considering as your child’s next lovable gift.

Features of the Berenguer Boutique 15″ Soft Body Baby Doll

As soon as the doll and its plentiful accessories are out of their fine box, you can start telling how much effort was put into designing it to be as anatomically close to a real infant as possible. Chubby rosy cheeks, lovely little fingers and kissable feet look about as close to the real thing as you’re likely to see.

At 15 inches, the size starts to become about right too, proportionally to the 2- or 3-year-old mommy or daddy, that is. They’ll love to cradle the doll in their arms or put it to sleep, and as its size is just right, this will make the experience of doing so all the more memorable to them.

The doll not only looks like a baby – in some ways it acts like one too. As there are no batteries, this imitation of life is somewhat limited, but enough to give your kids a sense of it being “alive” and instil in them empathy towards it as well as a sense of responsibility that goes with caring for a “child” of their own.

Once placed in a horizontal position, the doll slowly closes its eyes and dreamily opens them back up again when held, giving the illusion of falling asleep/waking from a good nap.

What makes this doll even more interesting are the finely made accessories it comes with. To save money, manufacturers usually sell their dolls with only one outfit, but JC Toys has generously provided their 15-inch doll with an additional one.

Both can be taken off in one motion and aren’t terribly complicated, so even smaller children ought to figure out how changing them goes quickly. Securing the outfit is done by closing the Velcro on its back.

To be able to play dress up in earnest, a cap and an adorable pair of little shoes also have been provided. Both are easy to put on and take off of the doll and won’t slip until the child wants to remove them. The baby can also be fed and put to rest as a feeding bottle and pacifier are included. Once either is inserted into its mouth it doesn’t fall out after that.

Vinyl is the material the doll’s feet, hands and head are made of, while the body has a bean bag feel to it and is stuffed with a soft fabric. The doll doesn’t need to be propped up in order to remain in a sitting position though.

It is recommended that you wipe the vinyl parts of it down with a damp cloth every so often in order to keep the germs at bay. The baby’s body should not be washed, although you’re free to do so with its outfits and the plastic accessories which come with it.

This doll is available in three color schemes – blue for boys, pink for girls and a neutral violet. Each is sold separately, although a twin option exists where you get two dolls with differently coloured outfits. These don’t have the plastic plate and utensils set a single doll comes with, but do have two blankets.

If you have twins of your own and don’t mind that this option doesn’t come with additional outfits, it’s by far a more cost-effective solution than buying two of these dolls separately.

The doll has a few minor issues, which aren’t deal-breakers, but which you should be aware of nevertheless. First of all, the Velcro on the little onesies is very thin. It does keep them closed, but may be too complex for smaller children to fasten correctly for the first couple of times.

The clothes’ fabric could have been of a better quality too. Other Velcro will stick to them instantly and needs to be delicately removed so it doesn’t take bits of the fabric along with it.

The other, more immersion-breaking fault is that the pacifier is really hard to put into the baby’s mouth. There’s practically no way a small child could place it as intended for the first time, and even an adult may need to use force to do so. It gets easier after that, but not by much.


A doll that’s true to life which children take an instant liking to

Good overall balance of the number and quality of accessories you get and the set’s overall price

An additional set of clothes is a welcome bonus

Available in more than one style


Can’t be machine washed

It is very hard for children to put the bottle and pacifier into the doll’s mouth correctly

Quality of the fabric used to make the doll’s clothes is sub-par

The Verdict

Overall, the Berenguer Boutique 15″ Soft Body Baby Doll from JC Toys is almost positive to pass your child’s test as soon as it sees what’s in its big box. Does it pass an adult’s scrutiny though? We believe so, in spite of a few kinks you may or may not choose to nit-pick over.

It’s perfectly suited as your child’s first doll as everything they will need to have a wonderful experience playing with it is included. Pick up a few more inexpensive outfits for it from somewhere and there’ll be variety enough for hours of blissful play.


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