How To Fix Tangled Doll’s Hair

Fix Tangled Hair

My daughter’s favorite doll is a Rapunzel doll that she received as a Christmas present and she adores her so much.  The doll was bathing, sleeping, eating and shopping with her and became part of our family since then. Unfortunately after many plays and bathing sessions, her hair was a big mess and so tangled. Instead of dumping her in a dark cupboard, I decided to try and fix the doll’s tangled hair instead. These days you can get many kinds of doll hair, so it is important to do research first and get enough information about how to take care of the doll’s hair, before trying at first.

Tips On How To Fix Tangled Doll’s Hair

If you find that your doll’s hair has a lot of glue on, use hot water and dish washing liquid and try and comb through the hair gently. If the hair is nylon hair, try not combing through the hair too much, because it can stress the nylon fibres even more and it can easily break the hair. 

Because this doll’s hair was so badly damaged, you will need to soak her hair in concentrated fabric softener.  Leave the hair in a bowl covered with fabric softener for about two hours. After the two hours, you can take her out of the bowl and lay her down on a towel.

 The best is to use a brush with plastic bristles that works much easier with the combing process.  Always start from the end and combs small strands gently, while moving your way up to the roots.  This is not a quick job, so set yourself for a few hours to finish this job.  The hair at the end is normally the worse, so take your time with combing the hair. The doll may loose a few strands and that is ok.


When you are happy with the combing of the hair, rinse off the fabric softener with warm water. Apply dish washing liquid to the hair and work it in one direction downwards.  I find much better results with the dish washing liquid instead of any other shampoo. It is important not to create new knots while rinsing off the soap.  I have applied a Protein conditioner, but after rinsing the hair, I find that the hair needed much more nourishment. Her hair was still frizzy. So I decided to use an Argan Oil Conditioner instead. I applied a thick layer all over the doll’s hair and left it for another 10 to 15 minutes to set.  I have rinsed it off with warm water and had much better results than with my first try.

Next step is to put hot water in a bowl and dip the doll’s hair for about 8 times.  The hot water will help a lot with the fizziness of the hair. The hair can be rinsed and next is to use a towel and damp dry the hair. Comb through the hair and you will find it much easier than before.  Let her hair dry in sunlight for an hour or so. Best position for the doll was to put her in a mug. You can also use a few drops of hair oil and apply it to the hair ends where the hair is damaged while waiting for the hair to dry.  It will help to keep the hair soft and silky.

  If her hair is dry, combs gently through the hair.  If you find that the ends are still in a bad conditioner, it is better to give her a small haircut and get rid of the bad hair.   It is important not to dry her hair with a hairdryer, because it damages the hair and it can become frizzier than before.

I decided that I want to straighten her hair. The best is to apply a heat defence spray that is diluted with water in a spray bottle and apply it to small parts of the hair. Take small pieces of hair covered it in material and use the straightener slowly from one side to the other to ensure her hair is more sleek and silky.  This will help a lot for the hair not to get damaged while straightening the hair. Please check the straightener’s heat when straightening the hair, switch it off when it is getting too hot.

 If you are happy with the piece, you have straightened, you can take the next piece of hair, covered it in material again and straightened slowly over the material and continue with the process until all the hair has been straightened.  Wait for your straightener to cool down, when it is getting too hot, before continuing.  You don’t want the hair to get damaged again. Do it all in one motion.  It needs to be done with the help of an adult and you might need an extra hand with the help of folding the material that the hair is covered in.  Be patient, because it can take a few extra minutes.

  After you have done all your hair pieces, you will find that her hair is silky, sleek and soft. She looks much better than before and she smells amazing.    You can be very creative and put some curlers in the hair or try a new hair clip. We have decided to leave her with the soft, sleek and silky look. I was so surprised with the end results and believe that with the tips that I was given that you also will be!

In the next picture I took a Barbie Doll that was also in a bad condition. I used the same methods like I explained above and was surprised with the end results.


Barbie Tangled Hair
Barbie Tangled Hair

I decided to curl the doll’s hair and I applied small pieces of foil on the ends of the the doll’s hair. Small pieces of straws works easier for rollers and best is to roll the straw up from the end of the hair to the roots of the doll’s hair. The hair needs to be wet when applying the straw rollers. Use hair pins to clip onto the straws and leave the doll in a mug to dry. After the hair is dry, take out the curlers and pretty curls can be seen. You can play around by using different hair styles as you like and in the pictures her hair came out beautifully. Definitely worth trying!



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