Can Boys Play With Baby Dolls

Can Boys play with dolls
Why is it important for boys to play with dolls

Boys enjoy every moment of playing and it doesn’t matter with what they are playing, if it’s not exciting enough, they will make it fun by exploring their wild imaginations.  If your boy thinks that the doll needs to fly like an aeroplane or needs to dive like a shark, or needs to fight like a cowboy, he will do as he likes. That is quite normal for any boy to play with it like he wishes.

 Boys like having fun all the time! Luckily for the doll sake, it’s not real.


A boy looks up towards his dad, because he sees his dad as his “Hero” and loves doing role-playing to be pretending to be the greatest dad.

If a boy sees that daddy is pushing the stroller, feeding the baby or holding the baby, the boy will like to do the same things as daddy do.  Without realizing it, dad is setting a nurturing example for his son who wants to follow and learn how to take on more responsibilities as he is getting older.

 At the same time he is practicing certain household routines that will make it easier for him later in life.

 He will follow in dad’s footsteps, because in this way he learns from his dad how to take care of everyone in his family or how to respond to certain situations. Playing with dolls opens up a window for any child’s future without even noticing it.


Kids improve their emotional literacy and practice real-life skills by picking up a doll, throwing the doll, singing to the doll or just yelling at the doll.

Playing with dolls is an activity that helps them to practice how to respond through different emotions or how to interact with people surrounded by him. 

They will learn how to identify themselves  and to have empathy, while allowing mistakes without even noticing it, because of the fun play sessions or learn how to put himself in someone else’s shoes.


Doll-playing for boys and girls are so important, because it allows them to understand compassion, kindness, caring and good qualities that we all see in others. It helps a child to understand to be gentle and caring towards babies in real life and prepare children not to be frightened to them.

Playing with dolls allow boys to have their free spirit without even noticing it.  It helps them to make decisions or to solve problems later in his life. 

As a boy picks a specific doll, they start a storyline together, self-expression, flexible thinking and imitative talking are present.  They start to imagine the world from their own perspectives and in this way they are building up their empathy. The child is exploring himself while using his wild imagination. 

Playing with dolls will help you as parent to find out if he is unhappy, or finding it difficult to deal with conflict or emotions.  You will be able to come through to him with role-playing by playing through these dolls. A doll can play a major role in identity and family formation.


Boys like to play with cars, trains, robots, Legos and in most cases “dolls” are part of these toy sets and games.

 Nowadays there are so many dolls for boys to play with that Mom or Dad don’t need to feel ashamed when they see their boy playing or holding a doll.

Boys learn socially and emotional skills throughout doll play.  Some of the most favourite boy dolls on the market are Wonder Crew Boy dolls where Handy Man dolls, CEO dolls or Superhero Dolls are of the top rated boy dolls. “These dolls look like a real boy and is dressed in colourful outfits and different themes that boys only like.

Boys don’t always need to play with toys like weapons, swords that are tough.  Playing with any toy is more about having fun, creativity and friendships.


No one ever forgets a toy that made him supremely happy as a child, even if that toy was a “doll” and was replaced by another one, still it stays “his best toy ever.”

Children needs to have the opportunity to play with all types of toys and join in diverse activities.  Playing leads to higher achievement in developmental milestones for children who are given the choice to play with a variety of different toys.  Playing with a variety of toys are not gender related, studies have shown that all toys can be considered as gender neutral for children under 5 years.  Imitative play with items such as balls, trucks or blocks lead to increase his motor skills, language as well as social skills. 


We as parents need to give our children the most opportunities possible for them to use their imagination.  Allow them to play with any kind of toys (like dolls) that is safe and age appropriate.  It will help grow and increase creativity and sense of themselves. In the long run these opportunities are only going to make them stronger developmentally.

It comes down to play, having fun and to explore different adventures through their imaginations.

Remember to give children toys that are powered by their imagination and they will be thankful towards you for the rest of their lives! Toys are “words” for children and “play” make out their language they spoken!


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