Can Baby Clothes Fit Baby Dolls

Your baby is starting to grow bigger month after month, and you cannot believe that he or she was fitting in the same baby grows and outfits of two months or so ago.  Your cupboard is full of baby clothes that your baby has outgrown by now.  You gave a lot of the baby clothes to friends and family. Afterwards you realize that you still have left very pretty ones in the cupboard that you feel like not given away to anyone. So, after seen those adorable dolls in a cot lying, the thought came to you before.  “Why I don’t dress these dolls with baby clothes?” 

Yes, you can dress certain baby dolls with baby clothes.  Many times you will be lucky that baby clothes will fit the doll, but in some cases you will need a bit of sewing work.

Dolls comes in big variety of sizes, different kinds of body stuffing, models and brands to choose from and most of the time it can confuse anyone from start.

 All doll clothes are the exact fit from the designer, so these dolls come only out with one outfit.  Each doll is sized a little differently depending on the artist who designed it and in these cases it can become a little bit more difficult to fit her the exact outfit. It can limit you to only one outfit per doll that can be a bit disappointing for kids to play with especially if the clothes are dirty and needs to be cleaned.

Buying extra clothing for the dolls are an option also, but first check if you can’t fit these dolls with baby clothes at home before you consider it.

 Doll clothes can become a bit pricier depending on the brand of the doll, it is time consuming and you need to do it for all the dolls that can be difficult. Luckily now, you can in the comfort of your own home try and fit certain baby clothes on baby dolls.

 Dolls like the Adora Reborn dolls and like others comes out from preemie to regular size dolls, can range anything from 4 inches to a child size of 20 inches.

 If the baby doll has a border line on a size, it is best to dress the doll one size bigger clothes instead of smaller.  Dolls can have smaller heads, but most times the body sizes stay the same.

 All Baby Dolls Fall Into One Of Four Categories:

Large Baby Dolls

Medium Baby Dolls

Small Baby Dolls

Mini Baby Doll

Doll size comparison

 It is important to keep in mind that some dolls won’t exactly fit to these measurements, but each doll will closely fall into one of the following categories:

More or less 19 – 23 “Tall”  
Body Measurements are Approximately  
Chest 16.5
Waist 16.5
Hips 17.5
Neck Circumstances 8.5
Head Circumstances 15
More or less 14 – 16“Tall”  
Body Measurements are Approximately  
Chest 13
Waist 12,5
Hips 13
Neck 8
Head 12,25
More or less 12“Tall”  
Body Measurements are Approximately  
Chest 12
Waist 11
Hips 11,5
Neck 7
Head 11,75
More or less 8 “Tall”  
Body Measurements are Approximately  
Chest 7
Waist 4,75
Hips 4,75
Neck 3,5
Head 6,25

Baby Sizes And The Baby Dolls It Falls Under

10 – 12 Inche Babies Fits under Small Baby Dolls
14 – 16 Inche Babies Fits under Medium Baby Doll
New-Born Babies Fits a standard size doll and can be 18- 20 inches.
20 – 23 Inch Babies   Fits under a Large Baby Doll  

Which Baby Dolls Fit in Baby Clothes

Cabbage Patch Dolls Fits in real newborn clothes.
Corolle Dolls Fits in real newborn to 3 months Baby clothes
Adora Dolls Fits into preemie, newborn and real Baby clothes.
Newborn Dolls Fits into real preemie or newborn clothes
Bitty Baby Dolls Fits into baby clothes 3 months or older.

I am sure there are more dolls to add to the list, but so far I can only think of the mentioned dolls.

Making Doll Clothes

Making doll clothes

Making Baby clothes or convert baby clothes into doll clothes can become an exciting project also for anyone especially expected mothers.  If your sewing experience are still at the beginner’s level, it is not too difficult to make the outfits. Keep in mind that you will become better with time and practice.  Start with the simple outfits and try on more experienced tasks over time.  When you find a few patterns you like, you can customize the designs with different fabrics, details or adding an accessory to it and you can make your very own design.

Before you knew it, you will be ready to sew the latest trending outfit for the new upcoming season. “What is even cuter than seeing this beautiful baby doll wearing your baby’s favourite item?

How to Measure The Size Of The Doll

When you want to make clothes for the dolls, you will need the size of the doll in order to measure that the clothes will fit properly.

Measure Your Doll’s Height

Take the tape measure and start at the doll’s feet and extending it to the top of the head. 

Measure Your Doll’s Chest Width

Starting measuring it directly under one of the arms, extending it straight across the chest to under the other arm.

Measure Your Doll’s Waist

Pick up the doll and place the tape measure in centre of the waist on the front of the doll.  Wrap the tape measure around the waist to meet the start of the tape measure.

Measure The Circumference Of The Doll’s Hips

Pick the widest point on the doll’s upper leg.  Starting in the middle front of the doll wrap the tape measure around to the doll until it meets the start of the tape measure. 

Buying Doll Clothes For Baby Doll

If you finding it difficult to get the correct size baby clothing for your doll, it is best to take the doll with you when buying the clothes.  You will be able to see then if the outfit will fit the doll. Keep in mind that baby dolls varies by brand.  The best is to try a few sizes on your doll to see what works best.

There are a few doll stores that offers a vast variety of doll clothing and accessories and you can pay anything from $10 and up depending on the brand.


These days a Baby dolls can look so close to a real baby or toddler that anyone young or old would like to collect them or play with them, because they look so adorable and cute.  Baby Dolls over many centuries stay a very close friend to any child and plays an important role in their lives.

 Instead of leaving a doll in a closet, due to an old or dirty outfit, rather replace the outfit with a family owned baby outfit, or a self-made design. You will never tell that it can be an old doll.  The doll will look as pretty as new and will bring back all the fun and exciting playing time memories.  It can be fun project for both Mom and her child, because a happy child makes a happy mom!


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