How to Keep Kids Indoor Busy

With the Corona Virus – Codiv19 crisis that we all are facing, kids need to stay at homes for longer periods since schools had closed during these times. Kids were used to be very busy and active in school and now the challenge parents are facing is to find ways for their kids to be at-home environment to keep them busy while parents can continue with their work at the same time.

 Best Way Is to Set A Routine For Your Child

Kids are used to a school schedule every day and the best way is to stick to a routine for them.  Plan their days ahead and start with the most important tasks first and so everyone knows how the day is planned ahead.  The most important goal is to keep your kids happy and they are learning at the same time while you can get work done at home.  

Plan the meals for the days like when breakfast, lunch and snack times are happening. 

Start by breaking the days into smaller pieces like schools are doing with their projects.  Use these routines as a framework.

If your child is old enough to do homework, start with the homework in the morning.  In the afternoons they are already tired and won’t complete it in most cases like first thing after breakfast in the mornings. 

Plan the Day with Play and Fun Time

After planning out the day with school activities, you are ready to fill in the rest of the day for play.   For any child playing is so important.  If your schedule is a 15 – 20 minutes (the time depends on the age of the child), dedicated play and play development will encourage the kid and let him or her looking forward towards these special breaks. Playing for a child opens up an imaginary word, creating or building interesting inventions and concentration and learning takes place at the same time.

Reading Is So Important

Study after study shows the importance of reading is vital every day.  Being home is a great chance to increase this habit.  Work in reading for 15 – 20 minutes every day (total minutes, not all at once).  Reading interactively with is very beneficial for language and literature instructions.

Another idea is when parents encourage their children to talk about pictures, predict what will happen next in a story, how the characters are feeling and how the story is ending. 

Taking walks outside and discussions about what they see, feel also help with language and memory skills.  Ask questions about what they see and how they explore it.  By having a picture in their mind helps to bring back memories.  Always asked question like who, what, when where and how. 

Set a Time to Watch Television

Have a set time to watch Television, for instance when you are making lunch so they know how long it will last. Kids like to watch television and if you are not setting a specific time for them to watch it, they will find it difficult to go back to their schedules again. Turn it off after watched and follow through with your schedule again.  It is very important not leave the Television on for the whole day or as a background noise.  Rather turn on music if the room is too quiet.   Kids need to play independent from adults. Limit adult involvement.  Let adults be the supervisor.  

Even if you have the most perfectly planned schedules ahead, there will be days that you cannot control it with distractions that are happening and not even the simplest activity cannot be done.  In that case let them watch their favorite show.  The next day your routine can go back to the way you planned it before. 

10 Easy Indoor Activities for Kids

Box Dollhouse – Find a big box and cut out a door and windows. Get another box and glue it on top for the roof.  Add dolls, tea sets and toys to play with.  The box needs to be big enough for a kid to sit with her dolls and toys inside.  It will create lots of entertainment and you know exactly where to find your child.

If you had more time on hand, let your child help you to paint the dollhouse.  It is very entertaining for them and will keep them busy also. The painting project needs to be supervised.

Decorate a picture – Find items like buttons, macaroni, wool, straws, material or anything inside the home that they can use to decorate a picture.  Let them cut out pieces for the head, body and let them create a picture of themselves. Only assist when help is needed. Shapes can be cut out to build their boy or girl.  The items can be glued to the picture.  You will be surprised how much fun it is, how they enjoy it and how creative they are.

Guess tasting Blindfold game – Another idea is to blindfold someone and to get a few items in the kitchen or house to taste, like sweet, sour, bitter and salt.  The person who is blindfolded, needs to guess what he or she is smelling or tasting.  This is one of my daughter’s favorite games.  Best is if it is supervised by an adult if the tasting is happening.

 Blindfold Games– Let the kid look around in room and blindfold him or her.  The kid needs to tell you 10 to 20 items she can remember in the room.  It helps to increase their memory.

Tent inside or outside of home – This is another great idea for entertaining kids at home for a few days.  We normally do it over weekends.  Take chairs, duvets/blankets, pillows, a robe depending if it is inside or outside and make a tent with it. A trampoline is also a great option and will last for longer.  Put lots of their favorite toys  inside.  My daughter was so fond of her tent, when I went looking for her she was fast asleep.

Build your Sweet item – Let the kid build a house, train or any toy out of it. Use items like biscuits, icing sugar, cons, smarties, jelly tots and so on to build and decorate it.  Kids love it and if it is sets dry, the big surprise is that it can be eaten as well. 

 Road Box – Flatten out a box and draw a road with a marker.  Add trucks, buildings, blocks and toys.  Let the kids build a city.  It will keep them busy for hours. Here is also another clever example to build a road box.

Build your word or sum game – Draw shapes, letters, numbers, words or math problems on sticky notes and hide them around the house for your child to find.  Let the child match them up with the clues on a board.  Rhyme words, Antonyms or Synonyms make it more interesting and the whole family can also be part of this fun game.

Hide and Seek Games – Count till ten and let the other kids hide while the kid who was counting look for him or her.  This game stays still very popular among children.

Hop Scotch game – Kids like to sing and jump around while counting and they love this game.  Draw squares and circles on tiles with chalk so it is easy to clean. Throw a small stone in one of the blocks and they need to jump and skip this block where the stone is on.

Paint Art – Find old recycled items and let the kids paint it. Kids love painting and adding beautiful designs to it.


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