Barbie Fairytale Dress-up Doll Review

Features of Barbie Fairy-tale Dress-up Doll

Barbie Fairy-tale Gift set will inspire every girl with her colourful candy three complete character outfits. Barbie can take every girl on an exciting adventure from a princess to a mermaid and even a sparkling fairy!  Barbie is beautifully decorated with candy colors and accents.

Princess Barbie doll wears a candy-detailed pink Snap-On bodice, a long colourful skirt with glitter, matching shoes and a princess tiara.

Barbie’s candy mermaid outfit has a Snap-On swimsuit top, ombre tail and decorated fins.

In a second Barbie can also be a princess with her fairy costume and Snap-On bodice, fairy skirt, fairy shoes and Snap-On glittery wary wings adorned with candy details. Barbie doll is 11.8 inches long.

Barbie can create a lot of magic in a Princess Castle with her exciting three outfits and it is no doubt that she can become your daughter’s favourite toy!


Barbie Fairy-tale dress up doll creates lots of fun and hours of enjoyable play.

It is safe to play in water with her mermaid suit, although you may find it difficult to let dry afterwards.

Barbie Fairy-tale Dress up doll played can be played by  36 months up to 10 years of age.


Barbie’s legs can’t bend.

Barbie doll cannot stand, swim or fly on her own.

The Verdict

Barbie Fairy-tale Dress up doll let imaginary travel throughout Fairy tales.  The fact that Barbie can be a princess or a mermaid or a fairy makes it an enjoyable fun adventure. Combining this product with Barbie’s dolls and accessories (it sold separately) can ensure endless fun and storytelling possibilities.


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