Barbie Careers Baby Doctor Play-set Doll Review

Features of Barbie Careers Baby Doctor Play-set

Barbie is taking on more responsibilities with her career and this time she is a Doctor. Barbie’s two baby patients need all the tender loving care and the right medicine to keep them happy.  She can play a positive role-model like a caring Mom or a Babysitter that can give her babies a warm bath.  Included in the set is a stethoscope, notepad, trolley, bottles, blankets and a decorated mobile. Barbie looks professional in her Doctor’s outfit with scrubs and white shoes.  Barbie Career Doctor’s play-set looks up for confidence and a friend to share.  She needs all the help she can get to look after her sick patients.


Can play in water and no batteries are needed.

Doctor Play-set is very famous with the two babies and accessories that are included.

Girls from three years up to 10 years will enjoy the play-set.


The trolley stand is lightweight and can tip over while playing.

Barbie’s arms and legs can move, but they can’t bend.

The Verdict

Young doctors would like to take care of their baby patients and what stands out is that all the accessories are included for young imaginary doctors to do their duty.

Explore the career world of medicine with Barbie, because with Barbie you can be anything.

Details are realistic with office-inspired elements to make it more realistic.


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