Baby Alive Dolls That Can Eat, Drink, Wet, Poo And Talk

Baby Alive Sweet Spoonful’s Baby Doll Girl (Brunette)

Can Eat, Drink, Wet and Poo

This Baby Alive doll is not only a doll, but also a realistically looking doll that can drink and eat.  After she drinks and eats it is time for her to pee or poo in her diaper.

Add the food packet and water into the blender and prepare her food for her. Feed the baby with her special spoon and soon she should be thirsty again.  Feed her with water out of water bottle. Sweet Spoonful’s baby “pees and poos” in her diaper like a real baby.  This doll is more or less 12 inches tall and after getting her dressed, her hair can also be comb.

With her removable outfit and with all these features, it reminds you of a real baby and is more entertaining and fun for kids.

 This interactive doll can teach children to be more independent and to engage kids in the baby care experience by blending up her yummy looking food for this hungry baby.  It provides kids a fresh way to nurture and play by making the baby’s pretend food with a special blender.

The set includes a doll, removable outfit, blender with hand craft, bowl, 2 packets of powdered doll food at 1 ounce each, spoon , bottle, 2 diapers, comb and instructions.


Perfect from 3 years and up.

Interactive battery powered design can eat, drink, wet and poo.

Easy to clean.  There is essentially a tube that runs through it. Flush it with water after using the food.

Preemie diapers fits well.

Variety Dolls to choose from like Brunette, Blonde, Asian and Brunette Boy.


Food replacement can be a bit costly.

Can be a messy doll experience without adult supervision.


This adorable doll is not just like an average doll.  The fact that it can eat, drink, pee and poo makes it and more an entertaining realistic looking doll.  Definitely a perfect birthday gift for a kid that loves taking care of dolls.

Baby Alive Happy Hungry Baby Blond Curly Hair Doll

Can Eat, Wet, Drink, Poo and Talk

She makes mealtimes so real.  She opens wide her mouth when you feed her with her spoon.  She responds to 50 sounds and phrases, moves and also ask for more food.  She giggles, rocks back from her feeding tray and is so excited for another bite of food. 

Put the baby’s bib on.  Sit her at her feeding tray while mixing her favorite food.  She can wet and poo.  Give baby a few sips of her favourite bottle in between spoonful’s of her favourite food and next up is her nappy that needs to be changed.  Baby Alive doll can talk, move, drink, wet and poop.  She tells you that she is hungry and wants more food or wants to drink more water.

The doll comes with a feeding tray, bib, bowl, spoon, sippy cup, comb, 2 packets of powdered doll food and 2 diapers.


Perfect from 3 years and up.

Interactive battery powered design can eat, drink, wet, poo and talk.

High quality design doll.

Preemie diapers fits well.

Variety Dolls to choose from like Black Curly hair Doll, Blonde and Brunette Doll.


Food replacement can be a bit costly.

Food can clog at the back and needs to be cleaned after playing.


Happy Hungry Baby Blond Curly Hair doll is such an amazing interactive doll.  It has so many features that every kid will enjoy and imagine it as a real baby.  From feeding, to diaper time to naptime little mommies and daddies can create memorable mealtime fun as they giggle and enjoy the nurturing moments with her.  Definite a perfect present for any kid from 3 years and up.

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby Doll

Can Sing, Talk, Dance and Poo

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby doll is one of the best interactive dolls that every toddler can encourage while going through the potty train stages.

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby doll helps with role-playing games of a mommy taking care of herself and her baby and the world around her in a fun way. In this way it helps with the sensory and social development of kids while playing with them.

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby doll is so clever for letting you know that she needs to go and pee after she drinks her bottle water. She will do a potty dance if you are taking too long to take her to her potty.

Included in the pack is a reward chart with stickers that can motivate her with a sticker every time after using the potty. Her left arm has a sensor to know if you are holding her hand or not.  What makes this doll so unique is that she doesn’t say or do the same things over and over again and that makes her more interesting comparing to all other dolls.  It can say and sing over 50 phases and songs.  She can talk English and Spanish and in this way it will improve any kid’s language skills.

After using the potty, it can be wiped off with a dry cloth and the soap dispenser that is included.

It is coming with a potty, pants, water bottle, soap dispenser, comb, reward chart and stickers.


Interactive battery powered design can sing, talk, dance, sit and pee that promotes interactive play.

High quality design and item.

Don’t need to buy diapers, because it sits on a potty.

The rewarding chart and stickers makes the whole potty train experience more fun and rewarding.

Blonde or Black Curly Hair Doll to choose from.


It can only drink water. 

Can make repetitive sounds when it wants to go to the potty.

The Verdict    

It makes it an ideal toy for kids going through the potty train stages.  Because of its kid-safe design, you can leave it with a little one worry-free.  The sounds are interesting, while its automated battery powered design ensures hours of enjoyable fun.

Baby Alive Super Snack Snackin Lily (Brunette)

Can Eat and Poo

This cute Baby Alive doll has a big appetite.  Feeding her with her special spoon makes her very happy.  Kids can enjoy in her fun and getting creative by making her favourite pretend yummy-looking treats and feeding her. Scoop it out of her dish with the special spoon, feeding her and Snackin Lily eats it all up.

Baby Alive Super Snack Snackin Lily doll needs to sit down when feeding her so that the food can run down her throat.

After eating so many food, her tummy gets too full and “oh no” Snackin Lily poops in her diaper! It is time for her diaper to be replaced by a new one!

The doll comes with everything that a little ones need to take care of their special baby doll.  It includes the doll, outfit, spoon, snack shaper, bowl, 2 cans of reusable Baby Alive doll food, extra diaper and instructions.

After years on the market Baby Alive dolls remains one of the most sought-after products in its niche, because of its interactive features and like Baby Alive Super Snack Snackin Lily doll is no difference.  Baby Alive dolls can be taken care of as normal babies by playing, feeding them, changing their diapers and getting her dressed.


Perfect from 3 years and up.

Doll can eat and poo.

It is safe to play with indoors and outdoors.

No batteries needed.  What goes through her mouth will go down.  After playing, cleaning needs to be done.

Preemie diapers fits doll well.

Bobo clothes set of 6 for 12 – 14 -16 inches Baby Alive Lovely Baby Doll fits doll.

Comes in Blonde, Brunette or African American.


Baby doll needs to feed with only clay.

Food can clog at the back and needs to be cleaned after playing.


This Baby Alive Super Snack Snacking Lily is a very a famous doll with all it’s interactive features among many kids. She can eat and poo and that makes her a very fun and entertained interactive doll.

Baby Alive Baby Lil Baby Doll

Can Make 10 Sounds Include Giggles, Cries And Hiccups

Baby Alive Baby Lil Baby Doll is such a cute and adorable interactive baby doll.  She can make 10 different sounds when a kid takes care of her.  She giggles, cries, yawns, whines and babbles.  Playtime is special with Baby Alive Baby Lil Baby doll sounds.  She yawns and makes sleepy sounds when kids lay her down to sleep.  When it’s time to get up, kids can pick her up and wake her up and she responds to it.  She makes sucking noises when her pacifier is in her mouth.  When kids remove it, she will make whining sounds, because she misses it, giggles or hiccup when she is done. It is also fun getting her dressed with her removable outfit.  She makes real baby sounds when her pacifier is removed.


Perfect from 3 years and up.

Easy to clean doll.

Interactive battery powered design can 10 sounds effects, including giggles, cries and hiccup with her pacifier.

Available in Blonde, Brunette and Black Hair.


Doll cannot go in water.

Can be noisy.


Baby Alive Baby Lil Sounds interactive baby doll is such an adorable interactive doll that any kid wants to have her.  She wants to be loved, taken care of and love the attention she is getting. It responds to different sounds to express herself or when she needs her pacifier.  It is a high quality doll that is really worth spending on.

Baby Alive Real As Can Be Baby Realistic Blonde Baby Doll

Can Drink, Makes 80 Lifelike Expressions, Movements, Sounds And Accessories

This interactive doll is one of the popular Baby Alive dolls.  It turns its head when kids call for her, she giggles and wiggles when she is tickled and taking a nap when she is rocked to sleep. It reminds you of a baby with real sounds that it is making. When it is feeding time, it makes a sweet feeding and sucking sounds when she is given her baby bottle.  What is so amazing about this doll, is that it can do 80 lifelike expresses, movements and real baby sounds and babbles back when someone talks to it.  With all these features, it looks and sounds so real like playing with a real baby.  It comes with a beautiful baby care accessories including removable outfit, hat, bib, blanket, pacifier and bottle with disappearing milk. 


Interactive doll with 80 lifelike expressions, movements, sounds and accessories.

Perfect from 3 years and older.          

Good quality doll.

Soft body for cuddling.


Sound can be noisy at times.


Baby Alive Real As Can Be baby doll is such a cute interactive doll.  It reminds you of a real baby with all the features it has.  Kids will be entertained with hours of fun and so social and nurturing skills get develop at the same time.  Definitely a doll to consider for a toddler or for a birthday present.

Baby Alive Shine & Splash Mermaid Doll

Can Drink And Wet, Can Be Played In And Out Of Water

Baby Alive Shimmer and Splash mermaid makes a real splash in the water with her beautiful shimmery tail.   She can be transformed from a mermaid to a baby by pulling down her skirt.  When she is out of water, kids take care of her as their little baby.  Her nappy needs to be changed and her bottle will always be handed for when she is thirsty.

Playing with her as a baby doll gives you that special Mommy and baby experience and can ensure enjoyable play for hours.

She comes with a removable top, removable mermaid tail, swimsuit, diaper and a baby bottle.


Doll can be played in and out of water.

She can be a mermaid and a baby doll.    

Her removable top and mermaid tail is easy to remove.

Accessories like bottle and diaper creates the mommy and baby experience.

Can be played from three years and up.

Available in Blonde and Brunette.


She does not make any interactive sound like other Baby Alive dolls.

The Verdict    

No wonder Baby Alive Shine ‘n Splash Mermaid is so cute and popular under children.  The fact that she is a mermaid and baby doll makes doll-play fun and enjoyable every time.


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